Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Commercial pilot license has gain great importance in last couple years

Aviation began in Kitty Hawk over a century ago. It started out experimentally, and gradually worked its way up to military and commercial importance. World War I saw the airplane used, but had little effect on the outcome. The years following The fisrt world war saw "barnstorming" and airshows. Commercial aviation such as air mail and passenger travel began. Pilots such as Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh crossed the oceans. Aviation was just for the privileged few, and out of reach to the average person.

World War II saw the largest number of pilots trained in history, and the airplane won or lost battles in the Second World War. The airplane had come of age! Technology in aviation had developed like never before; aviation was here to stay.

Commercial pilot license

The jet age came after World War II, making air travel more accessible for the average person. Air travel remained a luxury industry for several decades following World War II. The slightest down-turn in the economy severely affected the entire aviation industry. Many airlines suffered severe losses and even went bankrupt in the 1980s and 1990s.

Recent years have seen the industry turn from a luxury industry into an absolutely essential industry. Increased world trade and the necessity of air travel have made the aviation industry grow at rates never previously imagined. Even during recessions, airlines are still carrying large number of passengers.

This has resulted in the commercial pilot's license being more important than any time in the past. People becoming pilots are facing air traffic never seen before. Pilots must have better skills and a more professional attitude than ever before.

A commercial pilot is a true professional. The skill has never been more in demand. One pursuing a career as a pilot is pursuing a career vital to the modern world. Never before has the pilot played such an important role, or the commercial pilot's licence been so important.