Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Commercial Flight School - HM Aviation

One must obtain high quality flight training in order to succeed as a pilot. This is where the commercial flight school comes in. Selection of a good flight school is vital to one's success.
HM Aviation has a top rating pilot training program. The program prepares the student even before flight training, and prepares the student for the airline's selection process after completion of flight training. This is why HM graduates have been so successful. HM Aviation sends its students to top quality training locations throughout the world.

Canada is one of the locations HM sends its students for flight training. Canada has a vast geographic area, and wide-open locations for flight training. Canada experiences a wide variety of weather and climate, which prepares the student to handle many situations. Canada also has one of the most advanced air traffic control systems in the world. This has made Canada an ideal location for flight training.

Commercial Flight School

The United States is one of the most popular locations for flight training in the world. Boeing and Cessna aircraft are manufactured in the United States. The United States has the most advanced air traffic control system in the world. As a result, the United States has the best aircraft, and some of the most experienced flight instructors in the world.

South Africa has also become a very popular location for flight training.South Africa has ideal weather for flight training year round. It is a country of picturesque beauty and a great climate, all of which have made South Africa popular for flight training.

New Zealand has also become popular for flight training. It is a country famous for its friendly people and laid-back atmosphere. The country is famous for its "Southern Alps". New Zealand offers many places to fly on both the North and South Island.

HM Aviation carefully selects the locations where the student will conduct flight training, and ensures students always receive the best possible training. HM also maintains constant contact with all flying schools and locations. This ensures each student is always progressing at the best rate possible, and ensures they will achieve a flying career in the minimum time and cost possible.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Become a First Officer With HM Aviation

Many people dream of a career as a pilot. It is an exciting career with unlimited growth potential. A pilot is a career with great earning potential, and an exciting career with the opportunity to see the world; both on and off work.

A pilot almost always joins an airline as a first officer. Although a candidate usually joins as a first officer, a lot has to be accomplished first. One must first decide they want to become a pilot, and then obtain the proper training.

HM Aviation has one of the best professional pilot programs around. This program takes an individual from no experience all the way to a first officer position within an airline. Most graduates from the program advance to evoking a captain after a few years of joining the airline.

becoming a pilot

An expert career Councillor from HM Aviation will first discuss the career goals with the individual. The person will then undergo an interview and receive ground school and simulator training to prepare them for flight trainng in Canada, the United States, South Africa or New Zealand. The opportunity to train in another country is an experience so many dream of, but so few have. After completion of flight training, HM Aviation prepares the students for the entire selection process of an airline. After aptitude testing, simulator evaluations and interviews, the candidate is ready to join the airline as a first officer.

The candidate will usually join an airline as a first officer on an aircraft such as the Boeing 737 or Airbus A-320. Many join airlines on aircraft such as the Dash-8 or Q-400. As a junior first officer, most candidates will start off on domestic routes and work their way up to international routes. After some experience, and when the candidate has proven the self, they will have the opportunity to upgrade to captain.

HM Aviation offers an excellent program leading to the airlines. There has never been a better time!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Best Pilot Training in India - Journey to become a pilot

In recent years, the aviation industry has expanded like never before. Both airbus and Boeing have predicted the requirement for as many as 617,000 new pilots over the next two decades. It is the right time for many aspiring pilots to think seriously about their career in the aviation sector. There is no doubt that there is immense scope for professionals in this sector provided you have the right skills. If you are looking for the best pilot training in India then you need to take the right steps in the right direction. Reading further would help you get an insight into the world of pilot training in India.

Although there are many people who believe that the aviation sector in India has limited scope, the contrary is the true. With the upcoming of new airlines and equally increasing number of Boeing and airbus, is not it obvious that need for pilots would also increase? There are several important factors that should be considered before embarking the journey as a pilot. Make sure that you know about the pre-requisites and conditions to meet the criteria for applying for the course. Make sure that you take the decision with great care because the entire training is challenging and one has to physically and mentally strong and determined to pursue with the course.

The grooming for becoming pilot, to a great extent, starts right after you pass 10th standard. Those who wish to pursue career as a pilot should opt for PCM stream that is Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It is mandatory for aspiring pilots to clear class 12th exam with these subjects. There is some minimum percentage requirement too. Usually, coaching for the examination starts soon after 12th standard. While choosing an institute providing training for pilot training course, make sure that you find out complete details to make the right and well-informed decision.

Best Pilot Training in India

A written examination is conducted by flight training schools. Each candidate who wants to get an admission into the flight training schools have to clear the written examination followed by medical test and other interview rounds. In recent years, the number of flight training schools has gone up.

As a matter of fact, to cater to the needs of aspiring candidates, most flight training schools strive to offer excellent training programs. Make sure you choose the aviation training school on the basis of the comparison. High fee and fancy advertisement doesn’t mean that the flight training academy offers the best pilot training in India. You should compare infrastructure, experience and skills of the faculty and feedback before making any decision.

Becoming a pilot is not a cakewalk. It requires efforts and never ending determination. There are several setbacks that you might be facing before getting a license to fly commercial plane. It starts with the Student license followed by private pilot license and commercial pilot license. The bets pilot training in India can land up you with a job as commercial pilot.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions an individual will ever make. People who choose to become pilots have entered one of the most exciting careers available. Regardless of career, the next major decision is on where to train. For pilots, they must choose a school with the best equipment, professional instructors, and a good location.

Asia, and especially India is experiencing a demand for aviation personnel unlike anything ever seen before. Pilots, cabin crew, and all ground personnel are being hired in record numbers. Although India is experiencing a large demand for pilots, it does not always provide for the best training location. Places such as Canada, the United States, New Zealand and South Africa are all equipped with modern training facilities and aircraft.

Commercial flight school

These countries also have vast, open areas for flight training. India has a large population, with many large cities and congested airspace. Although this has created a large demand for air travel, it has not made India an ideal location for flight training.

Fortunately, for the aspiring aviator in India, HM Aviation has developed the ideal pilot training program. The program will first prepare the student for the training course, and for the host country. The student will get a better training package than in Canada, USA, New Zealand or South Africa than if they trained in India. This also gives the student the opportunity to see another country and experience a different culture.

The program also prepares the student for the airline's entire selection process upon returning to India.HM Aviation offers the ideal pilot training program for any individual wishing to enter one the the world's most exciting careers.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Many countries are available for flight training; fortunately the student pilot has a large choice. Countries such as the USA are popular choices, but often overshadow small countries such as New Zealand with a more relaxed environment.

New Zealand is a twin island nation completely in the Southern Hemisphere, with a population of slightly over 4.5 million. This is less than many of the world's major cities! A small population means less crowded skies, and a much more friendly environment for training and in which to live. The North Island is the location of Wellington (New Zealand's capital city) and Auckland. The South Island is home to Christchurch and the "Southern Alps". The "Southern Alps" are a famous and beautiful mountain range making New Zealand's South Island famous.


The climate of New Zealand is surprisingly mild. It generally has a maratime climate with summer temperatures averaging around 20-30C and winter temperatures around 10-15C. These temperatures are very comfortable and ideal for flight training. It is interesting the summer months are December, January and February, and the winter months are June, July, and August. The seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.

New Zealand also has a reputation of having a relaxed, laid back environment with a friendly population. All have made New Zealand an ideal location for training to become a pilot.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


An airline pilot is as exciting career as one can possibly have. Like all other careers, there are courses to take, and skills one must master. There are many courses which lead to becoming a professional pilot, and the HM Aviation really stands out in the field of aviation.

The first aviation course all professional pilots will take is the Private Pilot License. The training is done on single engine aircraft such as the Cessna 152 or Cessna 172. A long way's off aircraft such as the A380 or B-777, but this is the course and aircraft where all pilots learn to fly.

The next course is the Commercial Pilot License. This is also done on single engine aircraft, but the student learns more advanced flying skills as well as abnormal and emergency procedures. The pilot trains to become a professional pilot.


Training to become an airline pilot is still not complete. The student must do a multi-engine rating, as airline and corporate jets are multi engine aircraft. This is an exciting rating, as it introduces the pilot to higher performance aircraft.

In addition to the multi engine rating, the candidate must also complete an instrument rating. The student learns to fly in visibility below the requirements of visual flying. Since airlines must get their passengers to their destinations, airliners must be able to operate in marginal weather. The instrument rating introduces the pilot to some of the most interesting flying they'll ever do.

Many individuals gain experience as a flight instructor or charter pilot before joining the airlines. Before flying the big jets, a pilot must complete a type rating for the individual aircraft they will be flying. Many airliners are worth more than one hundred million dollars, and are very complex pieces so equipment. It is absolutely essential an individual know the aircraft inside and out, and be well trained for flying them. The type rating involves the pilot learns about each system on the aircraft, and about how everything works. They will also fly flight simulators, and be trained for every normal, abnormal and emergency procedure. This results in a safe, competent pilot operating the aircraft.

Pilots take many training courses throughout their career. All are interesting, challenging, and provide the pilot with one of the most fascinating careers there has ever been.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Flight Training In Canada

Many students are choosing Canada as a location for flight training. In terms of area, Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada also has a relatively small population, leaving wide-open spaces for flight training.

Next to the USA, Canada has the most advanced air traffic control system in the world. Canada not only has a large area to fly in, but has excellent air traffic control facilities allowing the candidate to practice flying in busy airports as well as practicing instrument approaches.
Canada has a wide geographical area. It has an Atlantic coast, prairies, mountainous regions and the Pacific coast. All present their unique challenges to flying. This prepares the program graduates with the experience and ability to fly under almost any circumstance.

flight training in Canada

In addition to being a great environment for flight training, Canada is famous for its friendly environment. Canada makes people from around the world feel welcome, making it a great place for recreation and meeting new people. The Rocky Mountains have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
Canada provides an ideal environment for both high quality flight training and for recreation when one has some time off. This makes Canada a very popular location to train to become a pilot

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Commercial pilot license has gain great importance in last couple years

Aviation began in Kitty Hawk over a century ago. It started out experimentally, and gradually worked its way up to military and commercial importance. World War I saw the airplane used, but had little effect on the outcome. The years following The fisrt world war saw "barnstorming" and airshows. Commercial aviation such as air mail and passenger travel began. Pilots such as Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh crossed the oceans. Aviation was just for the privileged few, and out of reach to the average person.

World War II saw the largest number of pilots trained in history, and the airplane won or lost battles in the Second World War. The airplane had come of age! Technology in aviation had developed like never before; aviation was here to stay.

Commercial pilot license

The jet age came after World War II, making air travel more accessible for the average person. Air travel remained a luxury industry for several decades following World War II. The slightest down-turn in the economy severely affected the entire aviation industry. Many airlines suffered severe losses and even went bankrupt in the 1980s and 1990s.

Recent years have seen the industry turn from a luxury industry into an absolutely essential industry. Increased world trade and the necessity of air travel have made the aviation industry grow at rates never previously imagined. Even during recessions, airlines are still carrying large number of passengers.

This has resulted in the commercial pilot's license being more important than any time in the past. People becoming pilots are facing air traffic never seen before. Pilots must have better skills and a more professional attitude than ever before.

A commercial pilot is a true professional. The skill has never been more in demand. One pursuing a career as a pilot is pursuing a career vital to the modern world. Never before has the pilot played such an important role, or the commercial pilot's licence been so important.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Best Aviation Training in India–unlock the dream of flying a plane

Professions are many but nothing can be compared to the advantage promising career that flying a plan brings along. Learning to become a pilot is dream of many students right from the beginning. In fact, there are many students who wish become a pilot as and when they grow up. However, not everyone is able to turn this dream into reality. In order to make sure that you are able to find a job as pilot, the first thing you need to do is look for the best aviation training in India. The success of your career depends on the flight training school you would choose.

Best Aviation Training in India

There are many people who wish to fly as a private pilot while there are others who want to land-up with a job as commercial pilot. Although the choice is entirely of an individual, everything that counts and matters the most is the skills and training you will. In fact, those who want to become a commercial pilot have to first complete the training as private pilot. There are certain pre-requisites, conditions and flying hours that you have to complete in order to precede further training for earning commercial pilot license. It is only when you are able to fulfill all conditions that you become eligible to become a commercial pilot.

Irrespective of the fact which career option you choose, one thing you should always pay attention to is the flight training school you are choosing. In the last few years, India has emerged as one of the most preferred countries for flight training. The key to the best aviation training in India depends entirely on the aviation school you would be choosing. Flight training academy you would be choosing should be managed and driven by experienced and skilled professionals who have been a part of the industry. This would boost your chances of learning flying a plane manifolds.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Becoming an airline Pilot – Three important factors to consider

Do you dream of becoming an airline pilot? There are many people who wish to fetch a job as pilot in the flourishing airline industry. There is immense scope for those people who have abilities and skills to learn flying and make it as a professional career. It is a well-known fact that dreaming of career in the airline industry requires huge initial investment. Owing to the fact that it is counted among one of the most expensive courses, it is important to have string finances. In addition, each trainee is needed to finish a specific flying hours in the flight training academy and clear the examination conducted by the governing body of a particular country.

There is no doubt that landing up with a job as a pilot in the airlines is considered extremely precious. It is one of the main reasons why it is said that only the best can make it to this sector. Although there are several perks associated with the career as pilot, however the fact that there are certain risks as well, cannot be ignored. Unlike other kinds of pilots, commercial pilots have the responsibility of passengers on board. The safety as well as security of airline passengers lies solely in the hands of pilots. Hence, the demand for well-trained, skilled and experienced pilots is increasing each passing day. In order to become a pilot, you first need to have passion for plebes and learn as much information as possible about their aerodynamics, structure and also learn about the typeof planes that are used in the industry.

Becoming an airline Pilot

Wondering how to become a pilot in India? Read on

Bank loan/ finance
The moment you decide or get an admission into the aviation school, the first thing you need to do is get your finances on track. There are many loans which offer loan to those who are considering pursuing a career as a pilot. Many aspiring candidates cannot afford the fee for pilot training school. This is when applying for loan can help you. Training fees is, usually high, and thus most people prefer applying for loan.

Choose the aviation academy
Selecting the right training academy is an extremely important part of your research. There are several aviation training schools claiming to be the best. You need to look for the one which is most viable as well as affordable. Make sure that the flight training school you are choosing is approved by the governing body of that country.

Medical certificate
Rigorous medical examination is performed before you are able to get an admission into the training school. And, only if you are able to clear different levels of this examination and given a medical certificate that you can get an admission.These are just some of the many factors that you need to take into consideration if you are keen to make a career as airline pilot. Turning dream of finding a job as airline pilot can now come true.