Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Flight Training for Indian Students

Asia is on the verge of the greatest expansion of its aviation industry in history. India is expected to be at the top of the expansion.

Most student pilots from India and Asia go to North America for their flight training. The number one country is the United States. The United States is the country which founded aviation, and has the leading aviation industry in the world. It is a country with a diverse landscape and climate. A student can truly experience every situation encountered in flying. The United States also has the most advanced training aircraft available, with top of the line single-engine, multi-engine and glass cockpit aircraft. The United States also has a lot of highly experienced, dedicated flight instructors.

Many students spend a year or two after flight training instructing in the United States. This is a great start to an aviation career, and allows new pilots to pass their knowledge on to students. A lot of students training in North America go to Canada for training. Canada has a colder climate than most of the United States, and its aviation industry is smaller.Canada tends to have a friendlier atmosphere for living and training, and that draws a lot of students.
There are hundreds of flight schools in the USA available for Indian students to train. Some of the more popular locations are: Florida, Arizona, and California. Florida is the most popular location in the United Stated for flight training. There are a great number of flying schools in every part of the state. The climate is pleasant, but thunderstorms are frequent, especially in the summer months. There are famous attractions such as Disney World, and many beautiful beaches.

Arizona has a desert climate. This has the advantage of many days of unlimited visibility. Rain is infrequent, but it rains hard when it does! There are tourists’ attractions such as the Grand Canyon, which would be great for cross-country flights, as well as to take pictures for back home. July and August can be uncomfortably hot during the day time but it does cool off at night.

California has many good flight schools, although not as many as Florida. California has famous tourist attractions such as Disney Land, and miles of beaches. There are many exciting places to go for cross-country flights in and near California. California is one of the busiest airspaces in the world, which can be a very challenging environment for both experienced and student pilots alike.
There are a great number of flying schools available in North America, depending upon the student’s preferences. Opportunities await for those who seriously want it!