Thursday, 17 December 2015

Students becoming more inclined for Flight Training

In the very early days of aviation, being a pilot was not taken seriously as a career.After World War 1, pilots did air shows and “barnstorming” to impress crowds, but flying as a career was not something many had the opportunity to do.

World War 2 saw the airplane come of age; it played an important part for the Allied victory. Once the war ended, there were thousands of pilots from the war, but only civilian jobs for very few. The airlines started up, but it was strictly a luxury industry only for the wealthy. Flying had a mystique and romance to it, but flying was only a viable career for the chosen few.

For the next 4 decades, flying was a luxury industry.The 1970s saw flight travel become more available for the average person, but it was still luxury. The slightest down-turn in the economy would destroy the industry. The 1980s and 1990s saw this happen in record numbers.

The 21st century has seen drastic changes in the industry. With increased globalization and trade, everything has to be done fast. Air travel is the only way. Passengers traveling for business or pleasure have to get places quickly in a fast-paced world. The modern economy could not exist without air travel. Air travel has increased like no time in history. It is now an essential industry.

As a result, pilot and other careers in the industry have now become a viable option for more and more people. People becoming pilots are now providing a more important service than ever before. Pilots are entering the industry as true professionals, understanding the importance of their job. Although flying has lost some of the romance of forty or fifty years ago, it now is more important than ever.