Saturday, 22 August 2015

Commercial Pilot's License

A Commercial Pilot's License allows its holder to accept pay for flying. It is the license which allows an aspiring pilot to take his or her first job. The candidate must have successfully completed his/her private pilot license.

A number of requirements must be met to obtain a commercial pilot's license:

  The applicant must be at least 18 year of age
   The applicant must have at Category 1 Medical
   80 hours of ground school with at least 60% on a written test
   A minimum of 200 hours flight experience with 100 hours pilot in command and 20 hours cross-  country pilot in command
   A minimum of 65 hours flight training: 35 dual (with instructor) and 30 solo
   5 hours at night including a 2 hours cross-country. 5 hours cross-country (of which 2 may be of the night cross-country requirements)
  20 hours instrument instruction time included in the 65 hours dual instruction
  Must be a cross country flight at least 300 nautical mile raduis from point of departure with at least 3 full-stop landings.
  5 hours solo night flight and completion of at least 10 circuits
  Must successfully complete flight test

instrument rating

There are many available paths for one to take after completion of the Commercial Pilot's License. Some people obtain a flight instructor's rating, and begin their career by teaching others to fly. Some do float ratings and become bush pilots, flying up North away from airports. Others do multi-engine and instrument ratings and fly charters. Many opportunities await!