Monday, 1 June 2015

The Life of a Pilot

Flying is indeed a very rewarding as well as a thrilling career both financially and in terms of job satisfaction . But one should always know both the ups and downs of this thrilling profession. One should always be clear for what one's looking for in this career as this could impact on the type of flying .

Flight crew has to undertake intensive as well as a costly training to obtain a particular set of skills which are very unique in their own way . As a result of this fact , the pilots are generally well paid , earning themselves a unique respect . The pay of a Pilot is also above the average salary depending on seniority , aircraft and also the airline . The remuneration may vary from company to company , but if we have to speak generally , low cost carriers tend to pay less then the flagship carriers . One should always keep in mind , the bigger the aircraft and the further one goes , the higher is the pay .

Commercial Pilot License

Most of the airlines out there offer magnificent staff travel packages , with flagship carriers offering 90% off on the ticket prices for the Pilot as well as his family . In term of workdays , job of a pilot may seem as a dream job , offering more off days than a typical Monday to Friday job , and pretty better holiday allowances..

But there are always limitations to this career , one may seldom find himself free at weekends , little or even no summer break and bank holidays being just another normal day , better we say it a thrilling day .

There are obviously downsides as well as positive sides to not only a career of a pilot but to each and every job. Being trusted to operate a state of the art multi million dollar aircraft along side a very healthy renumeration are some of the jaw dropping advantaged . A typical day for a pilot can vary considerably . Sometimes the work may even start at 5 am in the morning and only work for 4 hours while sometimes one may start at 12 in the noon and work for 13 hours .