Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Thrilling journey towards becoming a Pilot @HM aviation

Being an airline pilot is an exciting , adventurous and a highly rewarding job . But is it easy becoming an airline pilot ? Well you can't just submit a resume and expect someone to call you back with job offer . The actual process takes a long time and a lot of dedication . It also means meeting precise requirements and can be a costly path to adopting it as a career .For an individual to become an airline pilot , he needs to undergo commercial pilot training , being an applied course teaching one how to navigate an aircraft with efficiency .

At the end of this training , one obtains a commercial pilot license , which is a qualification permitting one to fly an aircraft for hire . The main objective of this qualification is to embed a sense of responsibility and imparting the basics of navigation and skills required in testing situations . One must also know the basis on which a good pilot is differentiated from an average one . They are often differentiated on the basis of their theoretical knowledge along with the applied knowledge in working of an airplane as well as his command in controlling panic situations and adverse weather conditions .

Pilot Training

A four year degree is required to fly a major airline , its preferable to get a bachelor of science degree with an emphasis in aviation . One has to look around for a good flight school and flight instructor to begin working on a Private Pilot License . The FAA minimum is 40 hours , 60 hours being the desirable time . After earning the PPL , one needs to work on a commercial certificate . An instrument rating requires 50 hours of cross country Pilot in Command and 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument conditions . For the commercial certificate , 250 hours of total time is required . Next , completing the certified flight instructor rating and working at a Flight Academy , BBFA being the best option.

Pilots need flight experience to qualify for a License . Completing classes at the Flight Academy can reduce the amount of flight experience required for a pilot's license . To qualify for FAA licensure applicants must be atleast 18 years old and have atleast 250 hours of flight experience .